About Me

Hi and welcome to IRunForAttention.com. I’m Dave, a.k.a. runningpilot and this is my story.

What’s with the name?

Runners have a reputation for talking non-stop about running and seeking attention. I chose the site name ​IRunForAttention as a reminder to not to take myself too seriously. Yes, we do love to talk about running, and it may seem like we’re all begging for attention. Really we just love running and want to share it with everyone! Ok, a little attention doesn’t hurt, does it? 🙂

The Beginning

A couple of years ago, I found myself significantly overweight, out of energy and sick all the time. I was having a hard time keeping up with my 2 year old son, and I realized I needed to make significant changes to get healthy. Long story short, I took up running and got addicted. I made some dietary changes, lost 40 pounds, ran a marathon, ran some more marathons and got healthier. But, the story doesn’t end there.

What Now?

Unfortunately, in spite of my previous successes, I hit a road block. I stopped losing weight from running, let other things get in my way and got out of shape again. I didn’t give up yet and I don’t intend to. I’m working my way back and setting big goals.

What’s Next?

I know how hard it can be to lose weight, get in shape and advance as a runner. It can be a lonely, tiresome journey. I’m hoping that others who are struggling with similar issues can learn and get encouraged from my successes, failures and efforts.

Why we’re here

This site is going to chronicle my attempts to get healthy again and progress as a runner. I already know some of the challenges that are ahead and I’m sure many unexpected ones will pop up as well. I’d like to have you along for the ride and hopefully we can learn from each other.

This isn’t going to simply be a site where i post my running details and stats. I’m going to try different methods and programs and share the results with you.

I’m also going to test out and review a bunch of running products that hopefully will make running more comfortable and fun for all of us.

I’d love to hear about your journeys as well. Please comment below and on other posts and feel free to email me with any questions or stories at runningpilot@irunforattention.com

All the best,

Dave A.K.A RunningPilot




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