Brooks Ghost 10 Review – I Got New Running Shoes!

Brooks Ghost 10 Review

After my most recent marathon, my old Brooks Adrenaline GTS running shoes had seen better days and I figured I’d reward my hard work with a new pair of shoes. Whoever said that running was a good sport for the masses, because it’s cheap, must not have known many runners. We love buying new gear! The shoe I ended up with is the Brooks Ghost 10 (you can find them on Amazon Here and I’m going to give you my thoughts on it, so far.

Run Detroit

There’s a really cool running store in Detroit, called Run Detroit (not hard to remember that name, is it?). I stopped in for the first time, while exploring some up and coming neighborhoods in Detroit. I was helped by a super friendly lady, whose name I can’t remember right now. She had me walk around the store with no shoes on, so she could analyze my gait and make a personal shoe recommendation.


What The Heck Is Pronation And Why Should I Care About It?

Pronation is the way your foot rolls when it impacts the ground. Everyone pronates to some degree. Pronation helps spread out the impact of you foot hitting the ground. Pronation means that when the outside of your heel hits the ground, your foot rolls in a bit and your heel moves outward. This allows for even distribution of the shock.

Normal Pronation

Normal pronation is when your foot rolls in about 15%. This is ideal for shock distribution and overpronators don’t need corrective shoes. Another way to understand it is that normal pronators have normal foot arches.

Over Pronation

Over pronation is when your foot rolls in more than 15%, which is not ideal as the foot is not properly absorbing the shock. Instead, it passes the stress on through your legs, which can lead to pain in the legs, knees and hips. Overpronators should wear stability shoes, which offer extra arch support to correct for the overpronation. Another way to understand it is that overpronators have flatter foot arches.

Under Pronation

Under pronation (also called supination) is when your foot rolls in less than 15%, again, not properly distributing the shock and putting you at risk for injury. Underpronators can benefit from a shoe with extra cushioning. Another way to understand it is that overpronators have large foot arches.



The first time I had my gait analyzed, I was told that I was an overpronator. As a result, I purchased Brooks Adrenaline GTS shoes. Brooks is one of the most popular running shoe brands and I can see why. These shoes were extremely comfortable and I wanted to wear them all the time (don’t do that!).

According to the lady at Run Detroit, I don’t have much overpronation and stability shoes aren’t necessary for me. I tried out a bunch of different shoes, from different brands and ended up going with the Brooks Ghost 10.

The Look

In my opinion, the Ghost 10 shoes are not particularly good-looking. They do look nice enough that I’m comfortable wearing them, but not so nice that I want everyone to notice them. Here’s a pic, what do you think?

The Feel

Compared to my previous shoes, the Ghost 10 felt more natural. They are certainly comfortable, but when running in them, they’re not that noticeable, which is a good thing. They just feel right. I tried a different pair from Saucony and those felt even more natural, kind of like running barefoot. The Ghost is a drop more supportive than that, which I found to be the best compromise.

My Feet Can Breathe!

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS shoes that I had before were supposed to be airy, but my feet always felt hot in them. So far I’m finding the Brooks Ghost 10 shoes to be more breathable. They’re extremely light and even though the fabric top is so light, they hold my feet in comfortably.

The Cons

I’ve only used them for about a week, roughly 13 miles of running, but so far the only con has been the purchase price. They weren’t crazy expensive at $120, but they’re certainly not a budget shoe. Alas, you get what you pay for.

The Verdict

I will continue to update this post as I get to know my shoes better. For now, I’m comfortable recommending them as a good buy! You can find them on Amazon Here, or in most running stores.

Share Your Thoughts

What kind of shoes do you run in and how do you like them? Please comment below and share your stories with all of us. Looking forward to reading them!



  1. An interesting read. Did not know about Pronation or at least I did not know it was called like that. Based on your review the Ghost 10 seems like a great shoe for running. I used the brand Puma. So far they have been comfortable and durable. However this Brooks Ghost 10 seems like an interesting option to consider.

  2. I think they look quite good 🙂 Good enough for a running shoe.

    I am starting to get into running and therefore doing some research on shoes. But now I heard about pronation! Would you recommend to go a run store and let them find out what suits me?

    Or is it fine to just get some that have the right size and start running?

    • It is ok to just get a shoe and start running, but if you can go to a local store and get advice, I would recommend it. 

  3. I think that the Brooks Ghost 10 running shoe is attractive well that’s going by the pic you included in your article. Thank you for your accurate explanation of the various Pronations. Never quite understood the meaning. It use to get me totally confused.

    I bought the Brooks Glycerin 14 a few months ago.Was told nothing about Pronation but just that I needed a small amount of support in the arch and that this shoe was great for heavier men. Am happy with my purchase.

    Would look to purchase the Brooks Ghost 10 as a roation shoe ie to rotate with the Glycerin, but am very nervous about buying shoes online.

    • It is a good idea to rotate shoes if you’re going to be running consecutive days, or just using them frequently. 

      I’m a fan of running stores in general, but I think you’ll find that amazon has a more generous return policy than most running stores. I typically buy from a running store if I need their advice and buy online when I don’t need advice and want the best deal. 

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