Jaybird Freedom Wireless Review

After my beloved Jaybird X2 earphones broke, Jaybird replaced them under warranty with the new Jaybird Freedom Wireless Earphones. I’ve been using them for a while and wanted to offer my review for anyone who might be considering purchasing them.


Jaybird took a page from Apple with their sleek, quality packaging for their earphones. It definitely sticks out on the shelf and I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away, after opening it. The package includes the earphones, cord management a variety of memory foam buds and ear fins that keep the buds securely in your ear. It includes a charging cable and a little battery pack/charging clip (more on this later). There’s also a nice little carrying pouch, which works better as a coin purse.


Over the years, I’ve tried out numerous Bluetooth earphones and one of the biggest issues I’ve encountered is complicated pairing instructions and difficulty connecting. Jaybird got this perfected. I’ve never used a Bluetooth device that connected so easily and seamlessly. Hold down one button for 4 seconds, it shows up on your phone, tap it and you’re done. That’s it!


The Fit

It took me a few tries to get a comfortable fit. There are plenty of size options for the earbuds and the cable management clips work well, once you figure out how to set them up. I do find them to be slightly complicated to adjust, but once in place, they stay snug and comfortable. I used them for months, on a wide variety of runs and never had them fall out. Some earphones have caused me ear pain on long runs, not these. I used them on 3+ hour runs with no comfort issues.


Audio settings for the earphones can be controlled through the Jaybird app. There are numerous presets to choose from, or you can configure manually. Sound quality is above average for Bluetooth earphones, but not quite audiophile level.


I found the controls to be intuitive. I didn’t need to read the instructions to figure them out. The buttons just did what I expected them to do.

Battery Life

Jaybird claims an 8-hour battery life for the Freedom earphones. The only catch is that you have to use the charging clip which has a battery in it to get the full 8 hours. Personally I never used that option. I found the actual battery life to be close to 4 hours with continuous use. To charge the battery, you need to connect the charging clip which has a charging port for a USB cable. If you lose the charging clip, you can’t charge the earphones. I lost mine 🙁


The biggest issue I’ve had, by far, with Bluetooth earphones is loss of connectivity. Some of them lose the connection when running too fast, or too hard. Others when used in carrying belts. In all the time I used the Jaybird Freedom earphones, I never lost the connection once.


The Jaybird Freedom earphones provide a comfortable fit, long battery life, good sound quality and ease of use. Definitely a combination that’s hard to find in wireless earphones. There are two issues I have with them. They’re not completely wireless (there is a cord from one earbud to the other). The lack of a built in charging port means that you cannot charge your earphones if you lose the charging clip.

For the price, I found these earphones to be a great value and I would recommend them without reservation.

You can purchase the Jaybird Freedom 2 Earphones on Amazon here.

Note: Jaybird has updated the Freedom earphones to the Freedom 2 Earphones. The only discernable difference is that the new model has the ear fins and earbuds as one piece. It seems that this was in response to complaints that people had the earbuds fall off in their ears. 






  1. When it comes to Sound of Jaybird earbuds, you seem to say Bluetooth sound is better. I was sold on everything but sound. You have a typo on that’a it. Should it be that’s it? I am just looking to help you make a couple of improvements. You kept my interest all the way through.

  2. Typically wired sound is better than wireless (e.g. bluetooth), but I would say the Jaybird’s sound is better than the average wired earphones and one of the best wireless ones that I’ve tried.

    Fixed, thanks!

  3. Hello there! I’m actually looking for a wireless earbud for my brother because his birthday is coming soon. He plays basketball and do workout and I think that wireless earbuds are perfect for him. I read your review about jaybird freedom wireless and it’s kinda expensive. How does this compare to beats wireless earbuds? Which one do you think has a better sound?

    • I haven’t tried any of the newer model Beats earphones, I’m not a fan of the Beats brand in general. I feel like it’s overrated, but maybe their newer products are better. Of all the earphones I’ve used, the Jaybird Freedom http://amzn.to/2zVHwXO has been the best for sports.

  4. Thanks for the great review! I’m still using my old headphones with the wires and they’re so annoying. Do you know if these will work with an Iphone4?
    I started running 1/2 marathons last year and I really want to upgrade my running gear, I think I’ll be checking these out, thanks!

    • You’re welcome!

      Go wireless, you’ll never regret it! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve knocked out my old wired earphones while running on the treadmill, totally messing up my run. 

      It should be compatible with the iPhone 4, provided that you have IOS 9 of newer. That said, get a new phone! The iPhone 4 was a great phone, but technology has come a long way since then! 

      Congrats on getting into the 1/2 marathons. As much as I love running full marathons, I actually prefer the half as it doesn’t have as many negative short term effects on my body. 

  5. I am lost without my earphones. I watch recorded netflix movies on my iPad when I travel. The most I paid for my earphones are $30 and its five years old and the sound quality is getting a bit shaky.
    I am looking for a good well-balanced sound and no more trailing cable on my ears. Your post has given me an incentive to review all wireless earphones suitable to my needs and pocket

    • There are some really cool wireless earphones out there now. I’m currently trying out some really cool looking, completely wireless ones http://amzn.to/2AlLslV but so far, I’m not happy with them and will probably stick with the Jaybird

  6. I´d say a decent sound is enough for running headphones anyway. Running outdoors just can´t be the same audio experience, too noisy 🙂

    Just one questions, do they really come with “memory foam” earbuds? That sounds really interesting but on the package it just looks like normal in ear rubber kinda thing.

    Ho well do they adapt to your ears?

    Thanks for getting back to me!

    • True. The sound on these is pretty good, even running outside.

      I’m not sure if memory foam is the right word for it, it came with two different kinds of earbuds. One is a rubbery type and one is foam. The foam is more substantial feeling and kinda secure in the ear. 

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