Running Week In Review – November 5-11

This week was my first week of training with the Hal Higdon Intermediate 1 Marathon Training Plan. This plan starts off fairly slowly, so I didn’t get too many miles in. The long runs take place on Sunday, so the first week’s training doesn’t include the long run, which was today.



Total Distance: 23.3KM

Total Time: 2:12:24

Average Pace: 5:40/KM

Tuesday Run

I started off the training plan with an easy 5KM in 29:42 for a 5:56/KM pace. I was well rested and the run was nice and slow, no pressure.

Wednesday Run

Wednesday was a mid distance run, 8.32KM in 49:42 for a 5:58/KM pace. Gorgeous weather, I love fall running in Michigan!

Thursday Run

Another short and easy run for Thursday, 5KM in 26:42 for a 5:20/KM pace. I picked up the pace on this run, as Friday was going to be a rest day.

Saturday Run

I was feeling like crap on Saturday, felt feverish and strepy (if that’s a word), so I decided to run fast. It was nice and cold, with the temperature right around freezing which made it easy to run fast. 5KM in 26:19 for a 5:15/KM pace.

Sticking To The Plan.

The most impressive thing for me this week, is that I stuck to the plan, even though it would have been easy to push myself to run longer, or faster. I’m really committed to following the training plan all the way to the end this time!

Next Week

The plan for next week is to run 38.6KM, which sounds like a big jump, but it’s really not, as the long run is on Sunday. My birthday is on Monday and I’m traveling with my wife to New York City, so it’s going to be challenging to get all my runs in. Hopefully, the opportunity to run in a different city, will help me get out and run! This past year has not been particularly good in many ways, running included, so I’m excited to have gotten through it and looking forward to making 33 a good year for me. How can I be 33 already? I still think I’m in my 20s.





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