Running Week In Review October 22-28

I decided to keep myself motivated by posting my running stats online, so y’all can see when I’m slacking off. Hopefully that will make it just a little harder to skip a run here and there.

Once A Week

Rather than drown you in a deluge of posts, I’m going to limit this to a weekly, week in review post. I like to start my running week on Sunday and end it on Saturday. Seems logical to me, but many apps don’t do it that way.

October 22nd -28th

This was my first week of running after completing the Detroit Marathon. It was also my first week running with my new Brooks Ghost 10 shoes (You can read my ongoing review of them here).


I managed to get 5 runs into a relatively busy work week.

Total Distance: 45.58KM

AVG Pace: 5:44/KM

Total Time: 4:21:32

This was my best running week in a while. I’m not sure if it’s the shoes, the weather, or something else, but I felt better on my feet than I can remember in a long time.

Sunday Run

Considering that I don’t have another race scheduled yet, I decided to just go out and run for fun. I ran around a golf course and zoo and through some nice neighborhoods in my area. This time of year is beautiful in the Detroit Metro area, so that added to the fun. I ended up running 10.62KM in 59:54 for a 5:38/km pace. I was not expecting to be able to go that far, only one week after the marathon, which was painful, so I felt really good about that.

Monday Run

I was feeling great after the previous run, so I decided to get some speed work in. Still not following a plan, I went out and ran 6.68KM in 35:18 for a 5:17/km pace.

Tuesday Run

On Tuesday I started out my run feeling fatigued and a little sore. I slowed down and ran a slow 5.08KM in 29:52 for a 5:53/km pace. I decided to give myself a day off to help my muscles recover.

Thursday Run

Thursday’s are my busiest days at work, so I usually can’t get away to run. I got lucky this week and managed to get in a quick 6.13KM run in 33:21 for a 5:26/km pace. My legs felt good and I decided I was ready to start training for my next marathon (yet to be determined).

Friday Run

I was feeling really good about my running abilities on Friday and decided to go out for a medium-long run. I managed to get in 17.07KM in 1:43:07 for a 6:02/km pace.

The Plan For The Future

I don’t want to commit to any particular race at the moment, as I have too much uncertainty in my life right now. It seems like my best option is to train as if I have a race and then sign up for a race once I know that I can get away from work to run in it.

One of my biggest weaknesses as a runner, is my inability to stick to a running plan. I’m good at signing up for plans. Not so good at following through. I am committing to be better this time and at the very least, finish every run on the plan I choose (even if it takes longer than scheduled).


I’m leaning towards following a Hal Higdon plan and I’ll let you know the details soon.


What upcoming races are you excited for? What running plans have you had success with? Looking forward to hearing from you in the comments section below.







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